Session Beer Day 2013

I know it’s bad form to post this before the sixth and final piece about my beer trip to Asheville, NC, but I need to get this out there ASAP. In case you haven’t heard…


Some background: session beer is full-flavored, low(er) alcohol beer (often ≤ 5% alcohol by volume, but ≤ 4.5% ABV and ≤ 5.0% ABV are also benchmarks in some circles).

I love session beer, and I am bummed that I will be unable to attend either of the following events. If you live in the Greater Boston area or the Greater New Albany, Indiana area, however, you need to be HERE: Notch Celebrates Session Beer Day and HERE: NABC’s Second Annual Session Head, respectively.

I doodled this for DigBoston's Honest Pint column, the host of the Session Beer Day Run in Boston. On twitter @Honest_Pint
I doodled this for DigBoston’s Heather V., host of the Session Beer Day Run in Boston. On twitter @Honest_Pint. And if you don’t know about the Cambridge 5K race series, you should check it out post haste: / twitter: @cambridge5K

I could wax about how beer is about the people (it is) or about how Sunday is the new Saturday (it is), but instead I’ll opt for a first draft of a Session Beer Day Manifesto (by the way, I’m pretty sure use of the word ‘manifesto’ ends any chance at a political career, just so you know how much I’m committed to this…):

Session Beer Day Manifesto:

  1. No flights/samplers/tasters: I am a big fan of flights when visiting breweries and craft beer bars, but they have no place on Sunday. Reward a brewer’s work by purchasing a full glass (liters encouraged), and if you want to try something else, ask your friend for a sip of their full beer. It’s 4% beer, just commit for cripes sake.
  2. Buy in rounds and tip generously: Don’t let buying in rounds become a lost art. You did it in college, so why not now? Just do it. DO IT! And when I say ‘tip generously’ I mean, ‘make it rain’. Just bought a round of 4 beers for $20? Leave $10. If everybody in your group does it just for the day, you’ll be heroes. Be a beer hero, you might just make someone’s day.
  3. Converse, meet, repeat: I’m pretty sure there will be a Session Beer Day badge on Untappd, and the hashtag #SessionBeerDay is already starting to pick up steam on twitter, but don’t forget the people that you’re with! I propose: choosing a 3 minute window every hour where people can check in their beers, tweet, message, whatever. Other than that, phone’s stay away. If you’ve never tried it, give the ‘Phone Stack’ a try. You’d be surprised how different the conversation is when there aren’t any technological distractions. And while you’re at it, meet some new people dammit! Buy a round for a table next to yours. Exchange a phone number with someone PLATONICALLY. Met most of my best friends this way, and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  4. Set a date to do it again: Might I suggest Sunday, April 14th? Maybe we can start something new: #sessionsundays anyone?

Cheers! Prosit! Na zdraví!

***Lew Bryson has written extensive about and advocated fiercely for both session beer and Session Beer Day. Please check out his work at The Session Beer Project. Cheers, Lew!

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