Boston Strong

I will publish a series of blog posts about my weekend in Boston. In them, I will recount a whirlwind tour of breweries, bars, and restaurants, and smile large while recalling time spent with dear friends.

But this must come first.

I was in Boston on Monday, and due only to luck and morning dillydallying, I am now back home safe and sound. Too many others are not. Three Four [Krystle Marie Campbell, Lu Lingzi, Martin William Richard, Sean A. Collier] never will. And that is heartbreaking.

So tonight I will run with a new group formed by a guy that I met once briefly and who didn’t balk when I said we should trade numbers when I saw him a second time at a liquor store.

And I will bring an old friend to that group.

And we will both make new friends.

And we will all experience running our own way.

And I will talk about my story if anyone asks.

And I will think about victims of violence everywhere even if no one asks.

And I might cry.

And I will hug you.

And we will never forget.


Please consider a donation to the American Red Cross: or the One Fund Boston: Thank you.


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