American Craft Beer Fest

Writing cover letters sucks.

So instead, here is a thoroughly non-comprehensive guide to this weekend’s American Craft Beer Fest presented by BeerAdvocate and Harpoon Brewery.

 ACBF logo

Go local.

I’ve listed some select picks from the Greater Boston Area/New England arranged in a very strategic walking order (plot it, it works):

Tree House Brewing Co. (Booth  52): Julius

Maine Beer Company (Booth 30): Mo

Jack’s Abby Brewing (Booth 46): Smoked Maple Lager, Hoponius Union

Somerville Brewing Co. (Slumbrew) (Booth 94): Slumbrew My Better Half

Notch Brewing (Booth 93): Notch Brett Saison, Notch Kvasnicové Lager (Gravity Pour)

Narragansett Brewing Co. (Booth 91): Narragansett Cream Ale

White Birch Brewing (Booth 69): White Birch Berliner Weisse

Backlash Beer Co. (Booth 117): Salute

Trillium Brewing Co. (Booth 128): Valley Rye Saison

Cambridge Brewing Co. (Booth 122): Sgt. Pepper, Mellow Gold

Night Shift Brewing (Booth 102) : Ever Weisse, Tripel Reserve, Snow

Watch City Brewing Co. (Booth 80): Uprooted Carrot Spring Ale

That is 17 beers already. Which is nuts. Pains me to have excluded some other greats, so fine:

Idle Hands Craft Ales: D’aison

Mayflower Brewing Company: Mayflower Porter

Enlightenment Ales: Illumination (Farmhouse IPA)

Mystic Brewery: Entropy

Wormtown Brewing Co.: Be Hoppy

That alone is 22 beers. With 210 minutes maximum fest time (3.5 hours), it roughly equates to 1 sample every 10 minutes. But there’s more:

Drink the ACBF Beer (Harpoon).

When you do it, thank the people at Harpoon for their generous support of craft beer in Boston.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids

            It will undoubtedly be the longest line, they won’t have what you want when you get to the front, and you’re still going to stand in line for some. This is why you attend beer fests in groups.

            Say hi to Charlie at Anderson Valley Brewing Co. 

Hardest working man in beer. Bahl Hornin’, Charlie (@CharlieAVBC). I’ll be drinking an Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout tonight in your honor. You all should, too.  Shame on me for not confirm that Charlie would be at ACBF. Instead, Ryan (@RyanAVBC) will be reppin’ AVBC this weekend. I don’t know Ryan, but any friend or Charlie’s is a friend of mine. Bahl Hornin’, Ryan!

Don’t hassle the Magic Hat people

Nobody representing Magic Hat/Pyramid/NAB/CCR at ACBF has anything to do with the West Sixth legal proceedings. I wouldn’t doubt that the representatives (many of whom are only part-time/event based employees) have been instructed to answer ‘no comment’ or, perhaps, something cleverer. Oh, and your idea to chant ‘Magic Hat Sucks’ is just going to get you kicked out of the festival. But that’s your call…

Buy some Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project gear

They always have the coolest stuff: shirts, bags, sunglasses, etc. Shirts tend to sell out first (like in the first 30 minutes). The beer’s pretty darn good, too!

Noda Brewing Co., DC Brau, The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery


Two Roads Brewing Company/Pints and Panels

Never had any Two Roads beer, but Em from the “Pints and Panels” Blog is now in their employ, and rumored to be attending ACBF. I imagine she looks like the woman in the blog, and I’m curious to see if she’d sketch a quick 1-paneler if asked. Worth a shot, right?


I’m hoping to see some good Vines (@Vineapp) during the fest. Tweets, too, obviously (#ACBF for both). And take photos, because you may want to start your own blog someday and it’s way easier to fill space with photos. (Bonus: if you see this guy, thank him for his work as Fest Pics (Facebook). Bringing pictures to the masses for free, a rare treat in today’s day and age.)

Using Untappd to log what beer you had: sure. Rating a beer (on Untappd or otherwise) based on a 2 oz. sample at a beer fest: not a fan. My rule of thumb is that if I liked something at a beer fest, I’ll seek it out again. If I didn’t, I will generally give it another go in a full bottle/draft somewhere. Exception: Ghost Face Killah.

Noms: In the past, they’ve had a vegetable sandwich available for purchase at the Seaport WTC. It’s especially good with brown mustard.

Most importantly: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE

Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Uber, SideCar, T, walking, hotel, cab, whatever. No drunk driving, please.

I won’t be there in person this weekend, but I’ll be there in spirit. Bahl hornin’, everyone. Bahl hornin’.

3 thoughts on “American Craft Beer Fest

  1. High Horse Brewery! Another great MA brewery. I was really impressed with them last fest. Haven’t seen their stuff for sale out here though…

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