Shelton Brothers and 12% Imports Present: The Festival 2013 Portland, ME Edition

I am going to this: The Festival.

You may be as well. As of the writing of this post, tickets are still available for the Friday and Saturday evening sessions of The Festival.

If you don’t have them already, get tickets immediately: (TICKETS)

A few posts have already been written with tips for this year’s event, and in the spirit of this post (“Ten beers to watch for at Portland festival“) from Carla Companion (A.K.A The Beer Babe ), I have put together a list of the people that I recommend meeting if you are attending. Because, as has been so eloquently put by so many others, beer is about people.

The Brewers, Domestic:

  • Dann and Martha Paquette from MA’s Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project: Do you even have to ask why?
  • The Local Option Gang: Make some friends before you head out to Chicago. Metal friends.
  • Mikkel and Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Mikkeller and Evil Twin, respectively: Listed here under “Domestic” since, with the opening of Tørst (Beer Bar) in Jeppe’s claimed hometown of Brooklyn, NY and Mikkeller Bar San Francisco, they are poised to (re?)claim the United States for the Danes. Try not to mix them up (I don’t have any good help for not mixing them up, sorry).

The Brewers, International:

  • Stu from New Zealand’s Yeastie Boys: Look for the neon pants.
  • Kees from Emelisse and Nicola from Bad Attitude: These old guys will drink you under the table.
  • Jean Van Roy from Cantillon: Because beer royalty.


  • The Shelton Brothers and the Beer Advocate Brothers (Alström): I seriously think I met 10 different Shelton Brothers, Sons, and Cousins last year. There are only 2 Beer Advocate brothers. They are ALL doing great work for craft beer.
  • Kate and Suzanne from Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont, MA (and Winchester, MA starting July 1, 2013…and Newton, MA shortly thereafter…): Look for the “Beer Geek” tees.
  • Rebecca Millette: Event wiz extraordinaire. Without her, no festival. But she’ll be busy, so make it quick.
  • About a million bloggers, tweeters, etc. both industry and non. I think, since it was proposed by The Beer Babe and nobody else chimed in we’re going with:


So yeah, let’s all get on that.

I omitted a ton of really great people, I know, but I look forward to hearing about what everybody drank and who everybody met. Have a great #thefestival, you guys.

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