8 Stories from Maine: Jon

Sunday afternoon on Maine’s Higgins Beach, while I nursed both a hangover and my second Heady Topper of the day, a friend said, “I’m not exactly sure because I’ve never had one, but this might have been the perfect weekend.”

It was, friends. It was.

And in order to commemorate our time in Portland, ME, I asked my friends Jon, Jessica, Roger, Heather, Lindsay, Erica, and Brett to each write a little piece about their experience. 8 people. 8 posts. 1 amazing weekend. Enjoy.

Jon writes:

Dispatches from The Festival
Table 59 at The Festival, a celebration of the fabulous beers imported and distributed by the Shelton Brothers, was occupied by Miss Maine USA and for the life of me I could not figure out why. Mind you, a table dedicated to things other than actual beer is not unheard of, but those things are usually closely connected to beer. Miss Maine USA, based on my observations, had no connection whatsoever with beer. Nor did it appear that she was taking this opportunity to promote her pet cause to (mostly) men in various states of inebriation. Nor was she promoting herself in the lead up to the big pageant, as that took place a few weeks earlier, where she failed to crack the Top 10. And yet there she was, accompanied by her escorts (which I surmised were her parents), holding the fort at Table 59 or making the rounds, tiara and all. I tried to will her over to the table I was shackled to Friday night, if only to ask her what in the world she was doing at a beer festival. But alas, she and her posse decided to focus their attention on the Maine Beer Tours table, two clicks to my right. The mystery remains unsolved, and was added to the long list of headscratching occurrences of the weekend.
Thanks for the post, Jon!

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