Massachusetts Brewers Guild #MABrewFest

Once again, my friend Heather wrote the piece I wanted to write about tonight’s #MABrewFest (Yes, I’m hashtagging in WP for a reason). You can read her piece here:


But because I will actually be attending this one (unlike Beer Advocate ACBF), I decided to chime in with my DOs and DON’Ts for tonight. Short list, so all are pretty accomplishable.


Use Social Media vigorously. We’re going with #MABrewFest across all platforms (though I’m still not sure what good it is on Facebook). You can add in #craftbeer, #MABeer, and #LaborDayBeertography (There is actually a contest on right now for that one: if you’d like. Careful with Untappd. Though technically a social platform, I’ve seen it have the opposite effect at beer festivals more often than not. AND TAG THE BREWERS: Like them on Facebook, Sign-up for e-mail lists. They need and deserve our support, and you can always unsubscribe later.

Try old stuff. Yes the collaboration beer(s) will be interesting, but when was the last time you had a Boston Lager? I’m not being preachy, but let’s give beers that have survived prospered this long some credit.

Eat and hydrate. Can’t believe people still don’t do this one. If you haven’t had time for dinner before the fest, make some and arrive a little later. And yes, this is specifically directed at some of my dear friends!


Ask brewers what ‘their favorite beer’ is. Stop it.

Rag on anybody’s beer. Because: Coming Home Safe

Spill your damn drink on me/blow smoke in my face/say some ignorant racist/sexist/elitist garbage around me. Just no.

And last but not least:

[DON’T] FORGET TO BUY TICKETS. 6pm – 9pm TONIGHT at the Seaport World Trade Center.


2 thoughts on “Massachusetts Brewers Guild #MABrewFest

  1. Just stumbled onto your blog because I follow @heathervandy on Twitter. After reading your do and don’t list, have decided I will stick around a little while. Great list, really.

    Could you expand on what you said about untappd? I don’t necessarily disagree, just curious about the reason behind it.

    1. Hi, Brendan. Thanks for reading!

      I am an Untappd user (u/n: leemny), but recently I have been accessing it less and less frequently. I like trying rare beer, but it is a fine line between ‘enthusiast’ and ‘ticker’. I’d like to see it evolve into more of a gathering place (where you could keep circles of your friends, breweries could post updates, etc.), but for now it just clogs up but my account and twitter feed.

      To the matter at hand, IMO there is very little reason to be using Untappd at a festival. Judging a beer/brewery off a 2oz sample? C’mon… Maybe a couple that you liked and want to revisit, but that is the rarity of users at festivals. Mostly it’s about unique check-ins, which is a thing that I just don’t understand about beer.

      What do you think?

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