Giving Thanks

It’s been about three months since my last blog entry. Three crazy, busy, exciting months, but still that’s too long. What better day than today to take a moment for some reflection and words of gratitude.


I love my mother. She is the woman who taught me [insert everything here]. She is hanging out in Cleveland, OH today alone, having recently returned from a solo trip to visit family in North Carolina. Here are her cats, Fred and Ethel:

Fred and Ethel
It would be nice to be home for Thanksgiving, but mom told me she is having a “grinder” from Alesci’s, so I think she’ll be fine on her own.

My aunt sent me this e-mail this morning. She is 70(?), and has a newer iPhone than I do.

Luv Aunt Amy
I luv you too, Aunt Amy.

To all my cousins (Mike, Ray, Amanda, Eddie, & many more) and all of their our loved ones: I love you, and Happy Thanksgiving.


SimcoeI’m on solo dog duty today while my girlfriend is out of town, but I am appreciative of the generous offers extended by friends to spend the day with their loved ones.

I have met so many amazing people in my life. To all of my friends: Thank you for the inspiration, motivation, and support you provide me. You will never know how much I care for you and depend on you. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and please know that even if you cannot be with your loved ones, we are thinking of you.

Life, Health, and Happiness:

My life is pretty rocking right now. I work with extraordinarily dedicated, thoughtful, service-oriented people as a member of the Craft Beer Cellar family. I am living with a lovely and loving young woman that I love. I ran 3 half-marathons this year. I’ve got it pretty, pretty, pretty good.


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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