Blogging by Example

One of my dear friends (and current roommate) is moving to Scotland for a year to complete her master’s degree. I recommended that she keep a blog for a variety of reasons both personal and professional. But lo, my own blog has been neglected since March, so there’s no time like the present to fire off a new post.

Blogging Lesson 1: It’s never too late to restart

I have, generally, followed a beer-y thread in this blog. There’s a lot fermenting in my head right now: Stone’s plans for a European brewery, beer/gender things, am I missing the “fun” part of beer too often? On occasion I digress to happenings outside of the beer-o-sphere, and in that vein I focus my deepest love and support for people around the world suffering/fallen to unfathomable (to me) violence, terror, uncertainty, and loss. For all of us, I hope for peace.

Blogging Lesson 2: Digress whenever you want

Quick shift back to the point of this particular post, which is meant to serve as a small piece of guidance(?) to a reluctant/nascent blogger friend. This is a plate of nachos from Sunset Grill & Tap. They were delicious, and I’m glad I got to share them with a great group of friends.

Nachos rule.
Nachos rule.


Blogging Lesson 3: Blogging is what you want it to be. A photo and a sentence. More. Less. Whatever.

Blogging Lesson 4: It’s always surprising (in the best way) how ending a post on a positive note can improve your attitude. Highly advise, whenever possible.

Blogging Lesson 5: Nachos rule.


Best of luck in Scotland, Lindsay!


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