2014 in Review

I don’t think it was particularly intentional, but I did a lot of awesome stuff last year. Erica was there for most of it; she has a knack for awesome stuff.

A short list:

  • Visited San Diego
    • Made some great SD friends (Hi Nate & Jill); paid it forward.
  • Erica made me an amazing Crossword Puzzle for Valentine’s Day (it was interpreted as a proposal by some of our friends. Classic.)

Valentine's Day Crossword

  • Walked away from Serious Eats. Weirdly, I’ve become a bigger Kenji fan in the last few months/weeks than ever before. Privileged to have every been a part of that.
  • Bought TeamRadler.org. We’re gonna blow up in 2015, I can feel it. #TeamRadler
  • Ran around Boston in a burger costume.
  • Cheered on friends in their first marathon (and one of their second). We have incredible friends.
  • Ran my fifth half-marathon, and showed Erica around The Cleve.

Flights at GLBC

  • Summer…went by to fast… Did some TV and radio spots. Ate, drank, and enjoyed the last few weeks with our old roommates & housemates.
  • 30th BIRTHDAYS! That’s a big deal, right?
  • Ebenezer’s. You were either there or your weren’t.
  • Welcomed a new colleague. Kelsey, it’s really been a honor to work with you so far. Seriously talented.
  • GABF & Colorado. Blogged about this a little for Craft Beer Cellar.
Boulder. Gorgeous.
  • Was crowned Formaggio Kitchen’s “Queso Royale” Champion and still hold the title. Couldn’t have done it without Erica, and the willingness/help of the FK crew, too!
  • Chicago!
  • Some of the best beer & food I’ve ever had. More kind, fun, and smart people than I could have ever hoped to have in my life.

2015 has a lot of bright spots already: Raleigh Rare Beer Tasting, Certified Cicerone® (?), Copenhagen Beer Celebration (accepting donations 😉 ), maybe another 1/2 marathon, Boulevardia (yes, need to get there this year), and exploring new opportunities to give back to the communities and causes I care about.

Thank you to all of my family (animals included), friends, colleagues, associates, housemates, and hosts for making 2014 such a memorable year. Let me know how I can make your 2015 the best year of your life!

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