I Liked to Ride My Bicycle

Since the time I learned how to ride a bike (thanks, Mom), it was impressed upon me the importance of locking up my bike when not in use (thanks, Mom). It wasn’t a conditional exercise. Bikes get locked up when not in use. Period. Imagine my fear one day when I was 11 or 12 years old, when, after my neighbor friend and I ditched our bikes in the his front yard to go inside to play SEGA for an hour or so, I returned to find my bike stolen.

I was terrified. How would I explain the loss of the bike to Mom? This was 100% my fault; our garage was literally right next door. I ran around the block to see if, perhaps, the thief had been similarly careless in leaving my his bike in a nearby yard. No luck.

Defeated, I walked in our front door, helmet in hand, and explained sobbingly that, “Wejustleftthebikesinthefrontyardforaminute[sniffle]IknowIshouldhavelockeditup[tears]andIneedahug.”

I don’t remember the dénouement scene-for-scene, but SPOILER ALERT my mom had watched us leave the bikes in the front yard, and taken mine to hide it behind the garage.

My mom is an evil amazing genius. This is one of the most salient life lessons of a childhood full of them, and I still think about it whenever I see children and families riding bikes.

In search of: Red, single-speed free wheel or fixed gear bike. BALLER “Pegasus” rims that a guy once said were “rad.” It also has a rear eco-rack installed now with a black milk crate attached.

My heart sunk when I looked out of our tiny kitchen window this morning. During the night, my bike was stolen from our front yard. It’s such an easily deterred crime; the lock was in the back basket. Fuck.

I am mad at myself more than the individual who took it. I’m sure he or she needed it more than I did, and it was pretty inexpensive as far as bikes go. (Especially since Erica bought it for me. Thank you/sorry, Erica.) More than anything, I’m just frustrated that I LEARNED THIS LESSON TWENTY YEARS AGO, DAMMIT! 

Scratch that; more than anything I’m thankful that it was just a bicycle theft. A bicycle can be replaced. No one was physically hurt. I certainly feel like our space was violated, but I think it was just because someone saw an easy target from a distance.

BRB, going to call my mom [crosses fingers].

SAN DIEGO: Please contact me with any information about my stolen bike. (University Heights/North Park Area)

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